Cover Crops Boot Camp-Farmers Share Lessons Learned

By Kurt Lawton “If you want to succeed at cover crops, you will. If you want to fail at cover crops, you will.” These are examples of some of the honest, direct, farmer-to-farmer wisdom shared at the recent Cover Crops Boot Camp held in Ames. Finding success, considering challenges, and exploring solutions were among the exercises[…]

Equipment Companies Partner To Expand Cover Crop Success

By Kurt Lawton Seeding cover crops early to improve growth before winter drives the water and soil improvement goals of this partnership effort by Montag and Hagie.  Farmers truly appreciate small town, equipment-fixing talents, which harken back to the days of local blacksmith shops and the seemingly-magical methods used to bring parts and equipment back[…]

Partners Help Grow Iowa Farm Into Conservation Research Showcase

By Kurt Lawton Ask Iowa cattleman and farmer Bill Couser about how his conservation journey began. He humbly and proudly mentions the values instilled in him by his conservationist father, Dick Couser. “He got us going down the right path — wanting to do conservation right, or not at all,” he says. “Then, there was[…]