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Northwest Iowa family builds international success with fertilizer technology

From the machine shed to the international market, Roger Montag built a business that’s improving water quality – and nearly the entire family of ten now helps run. This article is part of a special Father’s Day Series. By Rebekah Jones When Roger Montag started building his own farming equipment in the 80’s, he never[…]

IAWA announces $7 million wetland restoration agreement with NRCS, RES

The Iowa Ag Water Alliance (IAWA) is celebrating Earth Week with a broadcast in Central Iowa about the multiple benefits of wetlands, including improved water quality, more wildlife habitat, and reduced flooding downstream. You can listen from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on WHO-AM 1040 during The Big Show’s road tour, “Clean Water in Iowa[…]

A wetland at sunset

Upstream investments making a positive impact downstream in Des Moines

By Kaitlin Little (Published March 29, 2022) As spring kicks off, we’re celebrating some of the green efforts the Iowa Ag Water Alliance and our partners support through the Midwest Ag Water Quality Partnership Renewal project (MAWQP).  The MAWQP gets conservation strategies on the ground in watersheds like the North Raccoon where farmers are putting in[…]

Saturated Buffer on the edge of a field

Polk County achieves quicker farmland nitrate reduction, spreads success to other counties

More Iowa counties aim to replicate the 50-fold increase in Polk County saturated buffers and bioreactors to improve water quality. By Kurt Lawton Remove the burdens for farm landowners to install voluntary water quality projects, and they sign up quickly. In fact, word-of-mouth project success has almost created a waiting list as 2023 project signups[…]