One Water Iowa

Join the Iowa Delegation at the 2023 One Water Summit in Tucson, Arizona!

Our Purpose

For generations farmers have fed and fueled our nation, with their hands in the soil and heart in the job. They are passionate about the soil that provides for their families and the environment where they live and work every day.

Farmers are making a difference in improving Iowa’s water quality and conserving our soil for future generations. The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance provides the support and coordination to get it done.

Our Mission

IAWA is increasing the pace and scale of farmer-led efforts to improve water quality in Iowa.

Our Motivation

We are all connected by water. From the tap water we drink, to the rivers we enjoy for boating and fishing, and the rain that nourishes our crops, water is important for everyone.

Our Impact

To date, we have secured more than $150 million of investment and resources to help farmers, landowners, and partners improve water quality.

We have connected more than 100 unique organizations to work together to improve water quality including farmers, agricultural associations, conservation organizations, federal, state, and local government leaders, businesses, academic institutions, and urban representatives.

We work with our partners to educate farmers and landowners across the state and inform them of conservation opportunities.

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