June 15, 2022

Our Founding Members & Board

Our Founding Members & Board

Our story begins with one clear vision for cleaner water, and three founding members dedicated to progress.

In 2014, the Iowa Soybean, Iowa Corn Growers, and Iowa Pork Producers associations formed the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance. They wanted to bring all stakeholders to the table, generate financial and technical assistance for Iowa’s farmers, and find new resources and innovations to improve water quality.

Thanks to our founding members’ continued support, IAWA has made great strides to guide and support farmers in adopting conservation practices that improve your communities’ water.

Craig Floss | Chairman
CEO of Iowa Corn Growers Association

“Iowa Corn along with our partners is proud to support the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance. The work IAWA is doing on soil health and water quality continues to be a top priority for our state’s corn farmers. We are continuing to see greater adoption of conservation practices across Iowa and with IAWA’s work, we will see that progress only increase in the future.”

Pat McGonegle | Vice Chairman
CEO of Iowa Pork Producers Association

“Our support of the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance broadens the efforts of pig farmers for continuous improvement of Iowa’s soil health, water quality and nutrient management. IAWA’s work shows all farmers how they can use swine manure with other practices like cover crops, reduced tillage, and edge-of-field practices to achieve better water quality and soil health in our state.”

Kirk Leeds | Secretary-Treasurer
CEO of Iowa Soybean Association

“The Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance has been a force for increasing awareness and implementing the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Since its launch, IAWA has clearly helped the state and its communities and farm families make progress by increasing adoption of practices advancing soil and water quality. It’s the epitome of accomplishing outcomes through partnership and collaboration. The Iowa Soybean Association is proud to be a founding partner of the IAWA and enthusiastically supports its efforts.”