July 8, 2022

Conservation Agronomists Network

Conservation Agronomists Network

Conservation is not always simple. Every farm has unique challenges that require unique solutions. We also know time and research are barriers for farmers who are busy making dozens of important decisions every week.

The Conservation Agronomist Network is a way to help with those decisions. It’s a collaborative effort led by the Iowa Soybean Association to make sure farmers have the knowledge they need to improve both water quality and profitability. In this network, Conservation Agronomists – experts with both agronomic and conservation knowledge – are housed within ag retailers across the state. Partnering with the agricultural retail sector helps reach farmers that likely would not otherwise participate in state and federal cost-share conservation programs. IAWA has fundraised 1.2 million dollars for Conservation Agronomists positions across the state. IAWA also provides support for awareness of Conservation Agronomists and education and outreach.

Reach out to a Conservation Agronomist

Mike Gilman – Team Lead

  • mgilman@iasoybeans.com | 515-577-5600

Ben Porepp

  • bporepp@iasoybeans.com | 515-802-2264

Evan Brehm

  • ebrehm@iasoybeans.com | 319-310-5468

Ryan Johnson

  • rjohnson@iasoybeans.com | 712-229-7184

Joe Wuebker

  • jwuebker@iasoybeans.com | 712-790-1415

Matt Swanson

  • mswanson@iasoybeans.com | 515-371-6189