February 28, 2024

Farmers for Soil Health

Farmers for Soil Health

Farmers for Soil Health pays farmers to plant cover crops. It’s one of the easiest cost share programs out there because it was created by farmers for farmers. IAWA partners with the Iowa Soybean Association and Iowa Corn Growers Association to promote the program in Iowa.

You can get $50/acre over a three year period for first time cover crop use. If you’re not a new cover crop user, you can still get $2/acre yearly.

To sign up, go to FarmersForSoilHealth.com and click “enroll now.” You’ll have to create an account, and verify your email address before you can register. After that, registration should only take about 30 minutes.

Questions? Contact a Conservation Agronomist

Mike Gilman – Team Lead

  • mgilman@iasoybeans.com | 515-577-5600

Ben Porepp (Statewide)

  • bporepp@iasoybeans.com | 515-802-2264

Evan Brehm

  • ebrehm@iasoybeans.com | 319-310-5468

Ryan Johnson

  • rjohnson@iasoybeans.com | 712-229-7184

Joe Wuebker

  • jwuebker@iasoybeans.com | 712-790-1415

Matt Swanson (Statewide)

  • mswanson@iasoybeans.com | 515-371-6189