Born Here, Brewed Here: Local farmers team up with Exile Brewing to turn Iowa-grown grains into beer

By Jenna Middaugh  Corn and soybeans cover much of Iowa’s rolling acres, but some farmers are starting to change the state’s landscape with small grains – crops that are also improving water quality.   These Iowa grown small grains are going into the first beer in a brand new Exile Brewing Company series called “Born Here,[…]

Rural drinking water survey shows significant nitrate risk for many Iowans

AMES, Iowa (Iowa State Extension) – The results of a new drinking water survey reveal a stark risk of exposure to potentially unhealthy drinking water. Risk profiles were compiled based on recent testing, use of reverse osmosis filters, and use of supplemental water sources. The Iowa Drinking Water Survey was conducted by the Conser vation[…]

Wilbur on the Water: A Tenderloin Trail Companion Guide

By Kaitlin Little It may almost be the end of summer, but the IAWA team isn’t ready to close the books on fun in the sun just yet. There’s still time for picnics and weekend adventures. If you need some inspiration, we have you covered! The Iowa Pork Producer Association’s Tenderloin Trail is a handy[…]

New position in Cedar Rapids helps farmers improve water quality

By Rebekah Jones  Cedar Rapids, IA (IAWA) – Evan Brehm describes his new job as Conservation Agronomist for Linn Co-Op and the Iowa Soybean Association as his dream job. It’s a brand-new position that the Cedar Rapids area hasn’t had before.  The role of a conservation agronomist is to provide agronomic advice and support to[…]

Our favorite photos from RAGBRAI 2022

The route for RAGBRAI 2022 weaved through many different geographies of Iowa, each featuring different challenges for farmers and conservation planners. See this article about the history of the land along the route! From the extremely erosive Loess hills in Western Iowa, to the 3,000 foot climb in Northwest Iowa, cyclist and IAWA writer, Dan[…]

Iowa’s not flat?! How glaciers formed a hilly RAGBRAI route

RAGBRAI riders will bike through six out of seven landform regions in Iowa, many created by glaciers more than 13,000 yeras ago. They not only created a challenge for cyclists, but also for conservation due to unique soils and landscapes. Dan Looker, IAWA writer and RAGBRAI enthusiast, describes the route’s unique geography riders will see.[…]


2022 Grassland CRP signup 22 percent higher than last year

DES MOINES, Iowa (USDA) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is accepting offers for more than 3.1 million acres from agricultural producers and private landowners through this year’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grassland Signup, the highest in history. The signup’s results include more than 200 acres in Iowa. This program allows producers and landowners[…]

man welding with sparks flying

Northwest Iowa family builds international success with fertilizer technology

From the machine shed to the international market, Roger Montag built a business that’s improving water quality – and nearly the entire family of ten now helps run. This article is part of a special Father’s Day Series. By Rebekah Jones When Roger Montag started building his own farming equipment in the 80’s, he never[…]

Nick and Erik Helland

Dad inspires sons to embrace change on the farm

From no-till in the 90’s, to cover crops 10 years ago, and now a new seed cleaning business, the Helland family embraced farm conservation one strategic step at a time – and it paid off. This story is part of a special Father’s Day series. By Dan Looker  Along with a law career that included[…]

Legacy is a gift, but it’s not guaranteed

A note from Iowa Corn’s CEO and IAWA Board Chair about the power of conservation on his family’s row-crop operation By Craig Floss, CEO of Iowa Corn Growers Association and Iowa Corn Promotion Board as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance At Iowa Corn Growers Association, we[…]